Alien Orifice is the working title for Book Two of the Third Testicle Trilogy. Basically the book is a continuation of the first book, in other words, it leads on from it. But it’s completely different in that it is of the Sci-Fi genre, virtually all of the action taking place on the Moon and Mars.

Brantano and his faithful dog Alpho, having been sent to the moon by the ever tenacious Americans, desperate to save the world, decide to go it alone and travel on further to the planet Mars where they are destined to meet an extra-terrestrial species known as ‘The Graphos’. Androids possesing various levels of seniority are their servants who deal with every-day affairs.

But Brantano finds that things are very different on Mars, where he meets a huge pack of Alpine Beagles who are mysteriously governed by the illustrious and regal Lady Sultana. They all live in a vast subterranean cavern beneath the Martian surface, so far remaining undetected by even the most modern of probes. To what purpose is yet to be revealed.

Watch this space: it’s like a black hole with ants crawling out of it! But while you’re at it, check out The Pavilion of the Accumulated Void and enter the world of Taoist thought, sub-paralleled by modern science.

You are the Singularity. Enter at your own risk!
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