What IS the Third Testicle?
The myth of the Third Testicle is thought to have originated from the swamps of Nyasaland where allegedly there lived a tribe of spiritually aware savages. Half of the tribe followed the passive doctrine involving development of their `Third' ,or inner eye whilst the other half actively went forth into the world, seeking new physical experiences from which they could learn. They would then return and share their knowledge with the rest of the tribe. Thus a harmonious balance between inner and outer realities could be maintained.
The symbolism of the Third Testicle is that of the extra effort, beyond simply defending one's territory, which must be made in order to gain further spiritual knowledge.
All of this is more or less incidental to this book, however. This is a roller-coaster ride, a travelogue with a difference. Starting off in France and ending up in the high Pyrenees mountains, Brantano, the ever intrepid traveller, inspired by the mysteries of the world and encountering drugs, dogs and undercover espionage, leads the reader on a rollicking adventure which ends in a unique triumph and failure, but always carrying the spirit of Zen to the last word.
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